Since 1991, Grants International
has saved thousands of Canadian
families and businesses over $75,000,000.
What our Clients are Saying:
10 Things you should know about Grants International

1. The first thing you should know about us is that we are an accredited organization with the Better Business Bureau where we operate in the Province of Manitoba and we have an A+ rating
If you come across another company claiming to be Grants International Inc. that asks for money upfront, please contact us toll-free at 1-888-999-2221 (204-989-5666 in Winnipeg) and let us know so we can report them to the BBB and protect our reputation.

2. Our guarantee to you: "If you don't save, you don't pay."
The services we offer consist of helping you obtain a refund from the government and an exemption from needlessly paying more of that money in the future or a tax credit so you continue to save into the future. We only charge based on a percentage of the refund, so the money you save in the future is completely yours to keep. If, for whatever reason, we're unable to obtain your refund or exemption you don't pay us a dime. You never pay us anything upfront, there are no hourly fees along the way, no hidden costs, nor any recoveries for disbursements. So there's absolutely nothing to lose, it's like found money! If you don't save, you really don't pay!

In some circumstances, SR&ED clients may choose to pay by the hour.

3. We charge based on a percentage of the refund
Our fee is based on a percentage of your retroactive refund. Refund applications can take several months, in which we simply don't get paid. If your application is denied by the government, we'll handle the appeal process at no extra cost to you. In some EI cases, if your appeal is denied we'll send our lawyer to tax court to fight the decision, again, at no extra cost to you. Our success rate for applications, whether they're approved right away, through appeal, or through tax court is 90%. Considering the length of time we spend, our expertise and the level of service we offer, we believe our rates are very fair.

4. We're a private company
We work with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to submit applications for your refund, but we're a private company. We're not owned, operated or funded by the Government in any way. We don't report anything to CRA except for the information that is necessary for the refund applications.

5. Yes, we will ask you for an awful lot of personal information
The information we collect is necessary to apply for your refund, but you can rest assured it won't go anywhere after that. We won't sell or distribute your information to anyone, ever. All information we collect is strictly confidential. You can review our full privacy policy by clicking here.

Disability Tax Credits

6. If your Doctor or Medical Practitioner won't sign the Disability Tax Credits form, it ends there
We'll never sign any medical forms on your behalf. We have a Medical Doctor on our staff to help determine if you qualify, but it's up to your Medical Practitioner to make the final decision. If your Medical Practitioner doesn't believe your condition makes you eligible, then there's nothing we can do for you. We won't ever attempt to change their mind, and we'll never sign forms in their place.

7. We will not pay your doctor any fees to fill out the Disability Tax Credit forms
To avoid any conflict of interest and maintain our reputation, we cannot influence you to pursue your application by offering to pay your doctor's fees. If your doctor is willing to certify your impairment and your application is approved, you'll certainly come out ahead.

8. Fees refunded
If the government demands repayment of any savings, Grants International will refund the fee you paid to us on the repayment amount.

Employment Insurance Refunds

9. We protect our clients
We've made more than 15,000 of these applications, and have never been informed of an audit situation by a client. That said, we protect our clients by refusing to submit any applications we believe may lead to any negative consequences with the CRA. Without our clients we don't exist, so your protection is of utmost importance to us.

10. What we do is perfectly legal
You can usually tell if an organization is a scam if they ask for money upfront, something Grants International will never do. Our fees are totally performance-based, so if you don't get paid, neither do we. We don't do anything that you don't have the legal right to do yourself. Much of what we do involves holding the government to its own laws. Grants International has been in business since 1991, so we don't dare risk any operations that might ruin our reputation or jeopardize our good standing with the government. We're A+ accredited by the Better Business Bureau (Manitoba branch) and have always made absolutely sure to follow the letter of the law regarding the refund applications we process.