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About GI

About Us
Grants International is a Canadian-owned company providing government refund and subsidy services to individual Canadians as well as local, national and international Canadian businesses.

We Don’t Waste Your Valuable Time
We save you money without taking up much of your time or changing the way you do business. We've devoted our lives to finding methods of saving money that require minimal time from you.

Company Policy
If you don’t save—you don’t pay!
We work on performance and contingency contracts and thus, we never charge a fee until you have a cheque or a credit in your hands. There is never any risk as there are no up-front costs to you.

Grants International Inc. (GI) grew out of a concept that was originally intended as a university research project. The company was officially launched in 1991 when Founder and President Darren Earn researched thousands of different government programs and entered them into a searchable database. In the early 90's GI got its start helping bakeries access a grant program for butter usage in their baked goods from the Canadian Dairy Commission. As a result of the success of this initiative, GI expanded its scope of activities to include other government training grants from both provincial and federal sources.

By 1995, GI had streamlined the bureaucratic application process for all of these types of programs. In fact, as is the case with every application, GI clients only have to pull the receipts that we request, sign the application forms that we prepare, and deposit the cheques that the government sends directly to them. It’s that simple.

As GI has continued to grow we’ve added application services for all sorts of government programs such as Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credits, several Utility (hydro, water, etc.) Reduction Programs, as well as many wage subsidy and reimbursement programs. As we learned about all the rules and procedures for reducing property taxes, business taxes, and the systems to recover many different payroll taxes such as WCB overpayments and Employment Insurance (EI) recoveries for family businesses, we came across an amazing statistic about the number of Canadians that had been paying into the Employment Insurance system who would not be eligible to collect.

Today, not only does GI continue to specialize in EI Refunds, but for the past 3 years, we've had a Medical Doctor on staff and have been helping Canadians with limited mobility obtain a Health Impairment Refund in the form of a Disability Tax Credit (DTC).

With all of our expertise and years of experience dealing with the government since 1991, Grants International is well-positioned to help you access the refunds that can make a difference in your business or in your life.

Code of Conduct
Grants International adheres to a strict code of conduct in order to protect our clients and our reputation. Here are 10 things you should know about the way we operate.

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Bottom Line
“No refund? No charge!”