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What our SR&ED Clients are Saying:
SR&ED - Scientific Research and Experimental Development Claims
Do I Qualify for SR&ED?

Find out if any of your R&D type projects qualify for a refund by answering these questions. Even if you've applied in the past and you'd like us to look for any items that may have been missed, answer these questions and submit.

How much of the R&D work was performed in Canada?
Were you attempting to develop a new, or improve an existing, material, device, product, or process? Unsuccessful attempts count too.
Yes    No   
Were you attempting to learn something new that wasn't routine or common knowledge in your industry?
Yes    No   
Did you have to experiment a few times or overcome any technological obstacles to get it right?
Yes    No   
Did you perform any of the following: a) Throw out product due to quality control issues; b) Look for ways to cut your production costs or; c) perform tests in your business as required by the government.
Yes    No   

If you would like to speak to our SR&ED tax credit team directly to determine your eligibility please call:

Jason Fuith, P.Eng.
Office: (204) 989-5666 extension 150
Toll Free: 1-888-999-2221 extension 150