Since 1991, Grants International
has saved thousands of Canadian
families and businesses over $75,000,000.
What our SR&ED Clients are Saying:
SR&ED Client Testimonials

"For years we missed out on R&D benefits and obtained misguided advice. We hired one company to help us with the SR&ED tax credit and thought they were doing a good job, but after our experience with Grants International we discovered a significant difference. Grants International took the time to understand what we do and help us understand what qualifies and how to track our project activity. We were delighted, especially when we got our unexpectedly high tax credit check! If you are not taking advantage of the SRED program, start now. Word is that the government plans to make it more difficult to claim. Having Grants International working for you will make all of the difference."
—Ashley Leibl, Reliable Tire Recycling, Winnipeg, MB

"Grants International's SR&ED service was extremely professional, efficient, and effective. They provided clear understanding of the program, were instrumental in identifying our eligible projects, helped to organize our documentation and provided leadership and technical writing skills to our team in preparing the claim itself. I recommend Grants International's SR&ED services to any company that wants to ensure they've filed the most complete claim and want to make it easier for themselves in the future. We will never apply for the SR&ED refund in the future without their support."
—Dave Wilkie, Fusion Communications Group Inc., Winnipeg, MB