Since 1991, Grants International
has saved thousands of Canadian
families and businesses over $75,000,000.
What our SR&ED Clients are Saying:
Our Process

First Claim
It all starts with a review of your past and present development activity and supporting documentation. We then identify and discuss eligible projects with you and tell you what technical and financial support we'll need to complete the claim together with you.

Post Claim
After that, it's all about setting you up for the future. We introduce you to the LabourTrack™ software we designed to assist with compliance to the SR&ED process. We highlight improvement opportunities for your innovation process and keep you up-to-date on relevant program changes. Whatever it is, we make sure you've got what you need to file SR&ED claims for as long as you choose to be innovative.

Fee Structure
The choice is yours. We can work on performance, so, we don't charge a fee until you have the savings in your hand. Or if you prefer to hire our expertise by the hour to help you file your own SR&ED claim, we can do that too.

Now It's Up To You
It's billions of dollars. The government offers the SR&ED credit as your incentive to innovate and become more competitive. But it's not simply a matter of filling in a form, like any investor the government is looking for some proof of your efforts. Grants International is experienced working with the government and is knowledgeable with the innovation process. With our expertise, we will maximize your claim and set you up for years of prosperous returns. If you know you're eligible, then there's no time to waste, every day that goes by adds to lost opportunity. Give us a call today and we will start your SR&ED claim immediately.