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Employment Insurance (EI) Refunds for Family Businesses

Are you running a family business and paying Employment Insurance on your:
  • Sons and Daughters
  • Wives and Husbands
  • Brothers, Sisters and Parents
  • Stepparents, Stepbrothers, Stepsisters, Stepsons and Stepdaughters
  • Grandparents, Grandchildren, In-Laws and/or a Common-Law Partner
Well, the law currently states that Insurable Employment does not include related persons.

Therefore, if your family has a controlling interest in a company (meaning the families combined ownership is greater than 50%) AND have been paying into the Employment Insurance system for at least 3 years; Then you the shareholders AND all of the family listed above (they DO NOT have to be shareholders, only relatives of shareholders) may be eligible to get their Employment Insurance payments back! Family businesses eligible to receive this refund include both incorporated and unincorporated companies. (This includes sole proprietorships, partnerships, as well as public companies.)

“Member of Parliament…says employers who employ family members
in their businesses…are often instructed by Revenue Canada or by accountants to make employee deductions, even if it is questionable
whether the employee would be eligible for EI benefits…”
Winnipeg Free Press

Did you know that paying premiums does not mean that you can collect benefits?

Just because you and your family have been paying into the Employment Insurance System, does not mean that you can collect. Unfortunately, most find this out after the fact.

“Businessman upset after son ruled ineligible to get benefits…”

Winnipeg Free Press

“Husband’s the boss, so no maternity benefits…”

Brandon Sun

Hold on—DO NOT stop deducting Employment Insurance.

If you have family working in your business and you have been deducting Employment Insurance, you should not stop paying those premiums. The consequences of stopping deductions without following the correct procedures include additional assessments, interest, penalties and the loss of your refund. Grants International specializes in Employment Insurance Law and family business. We will not only get you your refund for past payments, but we will also get you a written decision ensuring that you don’t have to make payments in the future.

How much of your money can Grants International get you back from the government?

Applications filed prior to December 31, could total nearly $8,000 in refunds per family member. More importantly, savings over $1500 will continue each year, every year into the future per family member. So, over the next 15 years savings to your company and your family could amount to more than $30,000 per person.

Why Grants International?

There is no risk in using Grants International. We do not charge by the hour, there are no upfront fees and no hidden costs. If you do not receive a refund, there is no charge. We have been in business since 1991 and have successfully processed over 15,000 refunds. We fully manage the bureaucratic process by taking care of the paperwork and coaching you through the process.